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I’m Courtney! A late 20-something who has suddenly found herself married, working and -most surprisingly- running. A former non-athlete (EVER) I found my passion in 2009 and now call myself two other things I never thought I’d have on my resume: marathoner and Ironman.

I live with my husband in Kansas City, but any time not running, we spend planning our next trip. Travel is a huge priority in our lives and I try to share as much about our trips as I can. We plan a lot of our escapes¬†around fare deals and frequent flier/rewards points, so we aren’t afraid of layovers, quick trips, long flights, or unconventional locations. Pretty much everything is on our ‘bucket list’.

Anyway, why Redefining Athlete? Well, I’ve never felt like an athlete. I find it weird to call myself even a runner or a cyclist and athlete feels like a word reserved for Michael Jordan. So.. I’m here to redefine the word for myself. This is a place to document my workouts, share my travels, brag about my cats, and post about my races.

And since you will hear a lot about them.. my other cast of characters include:

View More: http://ctysonphotography.pass.us/courtney-and-paul-wedding

Paul: The Husband and my ultimate inspiration. We starting dating at 16 and waited 10 years to get married. I started running before him, but as you will see in a reoccurring theme, he tends to pick up my hobbies only to get better at them than me. Way better. I lost 20 pounds once I started running… he lost 160!


Kitty Won (1): A fuzzy character who also could benefit from losing 160 pounds.


Kitty Too (2): An even fuzzier psychopath who perhaps I could feed more to slow her down?

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sandra

    Congratulations on being a Vanderkitten VIP! I was chosen too! I’m so excited!
    Do you participate in the WIN for KC Women’s Tri, the Legend Tri, or the Olathe Women’s Tri? I will do all three of them this year. . . we only only a couple in NE and one is 5 hours away–KCMO is closer and my sis lives there!

    Hope to see you there in Vanderkitten VIP gear!

    PS: My coach is Liz from RedLadies Tri. . . :-) She is awesome! http://www.redladiestri.com/

    1. calquist@gmail.com Post author

      Awesome! I’ve heard a lot about the RedLadies!
      I haven’t done WIN for KC or Olathe, but I am doing 2 of the Legends Tri this year! The one in Lawrence on June 7th and the one in Topeka on August 29.


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