Catching Up…

This past month has been insane.

In June, we did the Bacoon Ride in Des Moines just like we did last year. 70+ miles of bacon, bikes, friends, and beer.

bacoon ride

It was an absolute blast.

IMAG5535 IMAG5565 IMAG5547 IMAG5543

I even learned how to use my pedal as a kickstand on a curb! (Okay, maybe, everyone else knows this, but news to me!)


I even got some bonding time with the sidewalk:


Yes, it did hurt when I fell from heaven

Let this be your daily reminder to ALWAYS. WEAR. A. HELMET.

I’m not totally sure what exactly happened. I was riding on the grass and attempting to jump back up onto the bike path. The curb was seriously less than an inch high. Especially after THIS, a measly little jump is certainly something I’ve done a quarter billion times in my life so far.

Since it was during an event, they had a roaming ambulance that checked me out immediately and determined I didn’t have anything broken or a concussion. They let me finish the last 15 miles of the ride.

All things considered, it really hasn’t hurt too much. And my face is doing a LOT better.

futball game

My friend, Juges, and I at the USA/Panama soccer game on 7/13

I still have a mark on my cheek that looks a bit like sunburn and my fat lip never quite healed correctly. I met with my doctor and it is healing healthy, unfortunately just not very pretty. The outside looks okay, but I may need to see a cosmetic surgeon to correct the scar tissue. It is still too soon to tell though and I’m just in the healing process. Hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have had stitches in my mouth for my lip when the crash happened.

I was lucky to heal so quickly because Paul and I had a big trip planned for the 4th of July. We used our hoarded airline miles to fly around the world. Flying around the world has always been a bucket list item for Paul and we had finally accumulated the miles for it! On the way we stopped in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Seoul, Singapore, Dubai, and Dallas.


If you are interested in hearing more about our trip, Paul and I have actually started a separate travel blog, The First Rule of Travel. I’ve copied a couple of my travel posts from this site over there, but will try to focus Redefining Athlete more on fitness, and The First Rule of Travel on our travel… but since RA is more about life in general as well, there will be plenty of overlap!

first rule

Speaking of fitness, we’re getting dangerously close to Ironman Louisville. I can’t believe how soon October is around the corner. I’ve hired a coach to help kick my butt into gear, but unfortunately since I’ve started working with him, I had my accident, my trip, my birthday, and then jury duty. Training has definitely taken a backseat.. but I’m looking forward to changing that around!

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  1. Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties

    AH I forgot about your crash– good that it’s healing but bummer that it isn’t quite healing properly! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it all figures itself out and you go back to normal :) :) I am SO IMPRESSED with your trip around the world! You guys are amazing and I loved following your instagram pics!!

    Also… HAHAHA “Yes, it did hurt when I fell from heaven”

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