Paris Recap Day 3: Versailles Bike Tour

I’m just realizing this now, but I kind of have an obsession with castles….


(DisneyNeuschwanstein, Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle doll house at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.)

So no, Versailles isn’t exactly a castle, but a palace is close enough. And it has always been at the top of my bucket list. The insane extravagance and beauty of the estate has always been something I wanted to see in person.


ESPECIALLY after watching Marie Antoinette, the Kirsten Dunst movie… which was actually filmed at Versailles! (and yes, I’m aware it isn’t the most historical accurate film)

Once we had the dates of our trip booked around the marathon, however, I wasn’t sure we would be able to fit it in. You absolutely need a full day to visit Versailles and between our original travel plans, the expo, and the marathon, the only full days we had were Saturday and Monday… and the palace is closed on Mondays.

A general rule of thumb is also that you aren’t supposed to walk a quarter of a billion miles the day before you run a marathon.

#YOLO <– A feeling I think Marie Antoinette would agree with


We ended up booking a bike tour anyway. The more and more I thought about it, I decided I would be pretty crushed if I didn’t get to see Versailles.. I mean, there are always more trips, but the bike tour I found sounded perfect for us and I knew we would find some other way to avoid taking it easy anyway… so I might as well spend it doing something I really want to do.

And it ended up being THE. BEST.

IMAG4985 IMAG4994

We booked through Bike About Tours and our guide was named Rick. There are a handful of other bike companies in the area that offer basically the exact tour, but I was so happy with our guide that I can’t recommend them enough!


Rick was a hilarious tour guide and very down-to-earth. He knew his facts inside and out, but also was great about being very laid back and telling us about his life as an expat from New York.

We met the tour group in front of Notre Dame Cathedral at 8:45 am and then rode as a group on the RER train that took us on a 40-ish minute ride into Versailles.

Once there we picked up our bikes and rode over to a little market to buy the food we needed for a picnic.

IMG_1953IMG_1951 IMG_1947

We got about 45 minutes to shop in the market, get some breakfast, and then meet back at the bikes. Rick pointed out places that they recommend for baguettes, wine, etc, but let us go off on our own. I was very thankful that there was no hounding for us to buy from certain vendors like we had experienced on tours in the past.


We bought a bottle of wine (duh), 2 baguettes, a couple pastries, 2 cheeses, and 2 types of meat. And a crepe, of course 😀


After we bought our items, we loaded up our baskets and we were off to Versailles. EEEEE!!!

We entered through the gardens first, rode through some cobblestones, and then parked our bikes.


We had to pay to enter the Versailles gardens (not included in the Museum Pass we had) and from here we saw the infamous Bassin d’Apollon fountain, La Colonnade with the “Abduction of Persephone”, a dancing fountain and a few other remote gardens.

IMG_1966 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1978

The same gardens ticket also gets you into the gardens directly behind the palace, AND Marie Antoinette’s estate. So, definitely worthy of the $10.


Now, even though you have to pay to enter the gardens and buy a 2nd ticket to enter the actual estate, the rest of the area (which is HUGE) including the Grand Canal is open to the public.


Need a place to get in 20 miles? No problem.

I really could NOT get over is how many people were out running/walking/cycling around in the public area of Versailles. SERIOUSLY. ‘Oh, yeah, that big ol’ palace? I blow snot rockets there every Saturday. NBD.’

Once we were finished in the gardens (we saw a lot, but it was still only a small portion!), we grabbed our bikes, and headed over to the Grand Canal.


There was no rain, but the day was pretty dreary. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be on a sunny day once everything has bloomed. It was also kind of awkward sitting on the ground to eat, but I absolutely loved it. I had a freaking picnic at Versailles. With wine. And cheese.

IMAG4971 IMG_1991IMG_1986

Afterwards Rick took us through Marie Antoinette’s estate which was her home away from home to escape palace life.


The area was just beautiful. It is exactly like a little storybook land.

IMG_2036 IMG_2029 IMG_2006 IMG_2005 IMG_2015 IMG_1999 IMG_2018 IMG_2016 IMG_2025 IMG_2020 IMG_2014 IMG_2011 IMG_2028IMAG4977

Once we finishing touring the estate, the Temple of Love, and Petit Trianon (small palace where Marie Antoinette often lived), we road back to the bike storage and dropped off our bikes. Rick walked us back to Versailles and here we were on our own.


Temple of Love


Touch the statue and find your true love.


The caves were for her to hide in from visitors. I need this at my house.

IMG_2048 IMG_2049

It was now about 4:30 pm and it was just time to enter the estate… And absolutely no line!

IMAG4982 IMAG4985 IMAG4992 IMG_2051IMAG4994

My only semi-complaint about the tour is that after a full day, we were kind of exhausted touring the actual estate. However, I know the crowds are far better in the late afternoon and we already had exploring the gardens out of the way. Plus, hitting the gardens first meant we were the only people in certain areas. It made the estate seem even that much more expansive.

IMG_2056 IMG_2057 IMG_2052 IMG_2059 IMAG5026 IMAG5024 IMAG5022

There were so many rooms to see that we ended just passing through so many of them (lots and lots of art), but lingering in the main attractions –

Hall of Mirrors-

IMG_2062 IMAG5007IMAG5004

Marie Antoinette’s room-

IMAG5018 IMAG5011

Once you walk through the palace, you exit into the gardens:

IMAG5031 IMAG5040 IMAG5041 IMAG5021 IMAG5045 IMAG5048 IMAG5050 IMAG5054 IMG_2054

We then headed back to the train.. after all we did have a marathon to run in about 14 hours.

I would have preferred to linger a little more (and man, I wish it had been a beautiful sunny day!), but it was still bucket-list-check-off-worthy! You really need 2 days to fully explore (1 day for the estate, 1 day just for the gardens!).

Now: Neuschwanstein versus Versailles?


I loved both. And it is like comparing apples to oranges. Versailles was stunning and its sheer grandeur is incredible: the gardens, the art, the history! However, I will say that Neuschwanstein had more items/rooms of just draw-dropping intricate beauty… more gold, more jewels.. plus not to mention the magnificent views of the castle and surrounding it.

Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors: IMG_2061

Neuschwanstein’s ballroom:



Marie Antoinette’s bedroom:IMAG5018

King Ludwig’s bedroom:


It took 14 carvers 4 years to just complete the bed!

Dinner was simple. We planned on going out, but we were exhausted. We ended up just eating the happy hour food in the hotel’s lounge. Cheese, small finger sandwiches, assorted charcuterie, and champagne <– the meal of champions.


Is there anything epic in your city that you get to see everyday? I get a pretty nice view of the KC skyline from the office I work at on Tuesdays.. and another stellar view of the skyline at the downtown airport which is one of my favorite loops to run or ride my bike, but I don’t think the KC skyline even remotely compares to Versailles.

What are the biggest items on your travel bucket-list? My other top items are to visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty, the pyramids in Egypt, and the Great Wall of China.

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    I have lived in NYC for 8 yrs and still haven’t been to see the statue of liberty! I need to get on that. Your trip looks amazing! I’m so jealous!

    1. Post author

      Thanks Emily! I’m having major travel withdrawals right now :) You need to get on that visit to the Statue of Liberty! I’ll give you some credit though because I think it was closed for a long period of time because of 9/11 and then again for Hurricane Sandy.

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