Things I’m Loving Lately (March 2015)

Hi Friends! I hope you are having an awesome week!

My week has been hectic, but in all the best ways. We have friends in town for the Big 12 Basketball Tournament and last night we saw Bo Burnham in concert.


If you haven’t heard of Bo Burnham, you absolutely need to check out his YouTube page. He is the opposite of PC, so if you are easily offended AVOID it, but his comedy is mix of awful and awful-ly awesome puns and songs.


He also has a comedy special on Netflix too called ‘what.’ and you can watch the whole thing on YouTube here.

So, right now my workday is being supplemented by listening to Bo, but here is what else I’m loving lately:

Outdoor Magazine’s 30 Best Trips in 2015

This list isn’t the most traditional, but it still has me drooling over the possibilities. My favorites on the list: This carriage house rental on 100 acres near Yellowstone in Bozeman, MT:


Photo Courtesy of Mary Mays and

And the idea of a cycling trip through South Dakota:


Photo Courtesy of Bicycling Adventures

Bike the US for MS

Speaking of cycling, a friend I knew in college just recently announced he is quitting his job to cycle across the US for MS. Since then I’ve been reading absolutely everything on the Bike the Us for MS website.

They have a half dozen suggested routes, but my favorite is the TransAmerica Route.Capture

62 days, about 4,000 miles.. and the route it broken up with less than 100 miles a day and a rest day about once a week or so.



Now the catch: figuring out how to get 2 months vacation and also figuring out how to not being a total baby when it comes to camping and, well, life in general.

And you can stop thinking to yourself: “Oh, yeah, Courtney? You’re going to bike across the United States? lolz” because we both know I would last about 12 seconds… but its nice to pretend, right?

The Chicago Marathon Lottery is Open!

Chicago was my first marathon in 2011 and it was an absolute blast.


I’ve been wanting to run it again, but this year it falls on the same day as Ironman Louisville. A FLAT and fast course, this is the perfect marathon for first-timers!! **Hint, hint! Nudge, nudge!** Plus, it is the only race in the World Marathon Majors that you have a real shot of easily getting into! Rumor has it that everyone who entered the lottery last year got in!


such babies!

BEETS!: Paul and I each drank a bottle of beet juice a day for a week before a half-Ironman and then Ironman Arizona in 2013. I’m absolutely convinced it helped! And it sounds gross, but it really isn’t so bad! I’m definitely going to do it again before Dirty Kanza.

Netflix: I love this infographic. Now if only the 8 seasons of House that Paul and I are thisclose to being done with had all been watched on the treadmill (8 seasons = 177 episodes at about 42 minutes an episode = 124 hours of Netflix. Totally normal behavior, right?


Do you tend to rerun races each year? Or do you like to spice it up? I kind of do both. I don’t like to repeat longer or ‘A’ races, but I have some local ones that I try to do every year.

Who is your favorite comedian? Do you like watching stand-up comics or do you prefer funny movies/sitcoms? I like Bo Burnham a lot and have followed him for a couple years now. Paul and I have also seen Jim Jefferies, but he is really raunchy.

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