My Week in Pictures (3/2)

So this Ironman Challenge I set for myself.. the one where I complete the entire Ironman distance every week for the month of March…


Swimming – I haven’t swam in a long time. January 5th to be exact. So, while I was honest in that I wanted to get this done, it was kind of a pipe-dream ESPECIALLY since my current focus is on races without swimming. However the big setback was that I went to the dermatology this week to get a cyst-looking thing checked out. Turns out she wanted to biopsy it, so I have a couple stitches on the side of my face, which I can’t emerge in water.

To be fair, I’m far happier for an excuse not to swim than I am worried that this is anything more troublesome than acne. I get the stitches out this Thursday, so while I’m continuing on with the challenge, I’m probably not going to swim this week either because of the Big 12 tournament all weekend.

Biking – Woof. I tried on this one and I THOUGHT I was going to make it. I did a Spin class on Tuesday and Saturday morning and did my own FTP test at home on Thursday. Then the PLAN was to head out to Topeka Saturday night and get in about 60 – 75 miles on Sunday.


We made it to Topeka and spent a pretty awful night in a hotel that was under-construction with paper-thin walls. Boo. Neither of us slept well.


No hotel party is complete with Phase 10.


Then the trail started off okay and only got worse. The area had me uneasy (trailer parks, lots of dogs barking that I was afraid might chase us) and then got better (wide open fields, farms). However, the trail conditions got worse and worse. The gravel started off loose and soft, so tougher to pedal on, but not the end of the world. Just have to knuckle through.. but as we got farther on the trail got way worse. Someone had ridden horses on the trail when it was a lot softer. The trail was trashed and it was TOUGH riding through the constant holes from the horse hooves that spread the entire width.


Before the horse hooves when the trail was nice

We made it 12 miles out before encountering some really BIG gravel that we were worried would pop our tires, so we turned around and rode the streets back to our car. Some gravel, some not. We only made it 26 miles in 3:03 hours. Ouch. Paul actually ran a marathon faster than that, haha.


Some horse prints here, but this is still the better part of the trail.

It was discouraging. I felt like a precious day of nice weather had been wasted and I was hoping to ride trails that would mimic race conditions. Are the trails for the race going to be like this? Probably not… but maybe? I might have been able to knuckle through, but we had planned doing 2 or 3 loops of the trail… no way was going to keep going back and forth through that mess. I had briefly had the wind knocked out of me a couple times since the holes were so bad.


So while the ride was a bust, it still was a really nice day. The trail did start at the Brown vs The Board of Education historic site which was really cool to see in person…


but Topeka, KS is officially on my list now. Crummy hotel, bad trail.. Not my friend. So, I only made it to 70.7 miles of biking last week. Close-ish to 112, but no cigar.

Post ride snacks.

Post ride roadtrip snacks.

Running- Well my running was a bit better this week, but still pretty bad. 10.7 miles total.

BodyPump – I did manage to hit this goal! I did BodyPump on Monday (followed by CXWORX) and then again on Thursday. I meant to go on Saturday, but I skipped it in favor of an invite I got to OneLife Fitness via Yelp for an open-house of new classes that the gym has to offer.


We did 20 minutes of Pound, a ‘cardio jam session’ which involves using 2 drumsticks, followed by 20 minutes of bootcamp and 20 minutes of core work.


I kinda liked Pound. I’m INCREDIBLY uncoordinated, so the choreography kept me consistently 5 seconds behind, but I did kinda like smacking the ground with the drumsticks. The music was also updated and all popular top-40 songs, so it was easy to get into. I was smiling like a loon, despite looking like an absolute idiot. It also requires a TON of squatting and bending to get the sticks to hit the ground.. I think this combined with the bootcamp is why my back is SO SORE today still…. I’d probably never go to Pound again because I’m just not a cardio class kind of person, but it was fun to try. If you like cardio kickboxing or Zumba, I think you might really enjoy it. I just have NO rhythm :)

OneLife itself was a pretty awesome gym though. They even have a Cardio Cinema where they play movies while you work out. On the schedule on Saturday was one of the Lord of the Rings. WOOF. That’s a long movie :)


So to recap, my workouts this week:

Monday – 1 mile warm up run, BodyPump, CXWORX


Tuesday – Spin Class

Wednesday – Nothing, worked really late

Thursday- AM: FTP test on my bike trainer; PM: 2 mile run, BodyPump

Friday – 3.2 mile run

Saturday – 4.5 mile run, RPM (Les Mills Spin class), then the OneLife open house with Pound, Bootcamp and core work).

Sunday – 26 miles on the bike in Topeka.

This week is going to be a lot of FUN, but it is also going to be really hard to get my Ironman Challenge in… I’m still going to do my best though.

We have a concert on Tuesday night, followed by the Big 12 Tournament the rest of the week. Iowa State isn’t playing until Thursday night, so I was able to sell our Wednesday night and Thursday morning tickets, but we will HOPEFULLY have games Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night. I say HOPEFULLY because that means Iowa State wins and moves on to the next round each night :)

Sunday will depend largely on how fun Saturday night ends up being… but hopefully we get the chance to get out and get another gravel ride in somewhere. Only 2 more weekends until Dirty Kanza Training Camp… gulp.

But as long as the weather stays as nice as it was yesterday, I’ll be happy. Grilling out last night was SO wonderful. Everything is just nicer when it is warm out.


P.S. This beer is really good. Not too fruity.

How was your weekend? Did you have nice weather too?

Do you regular take group classes? Do you think you would like Pound?

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7 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures (3/2)

  1. Karen

    Pound sounds really fun. I’m BAD at zumba and dancing-type classes, but I can keep a beat, so I’m not sure how that would work out. Even though it wasn’t the week you wanted, still looks like a good week of workouts! and I love your snack choices for the car. beef jerky & cheese-flavored chip items are two of my very favorites.

  2. Karen

    Despite your crummy hotel situation and rocky trails, I think you had an awesome week!! :) I haven’t tried Phase 10 yet but have heard lots of fun stories!

  3. Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties

    um I love places that have a cardio cinema! I totally forgot about those until you mentioned it. Two of the golds gyms I’ve gone to had them. So cool! also… spiced BANANA wheat?!?! did not even know that existed! I don’t know how I feel about banana in my beer…

    1. Post author

      It was really good!! And it definitely wasn’t over the top banana-y at all. In fact, if it didn’t say ‘banana’ I probably would have guessed more like nutmeg-y autumn as the flavor.. which doesn’t really make sense, but I’m awful at describing flavors, haha.

  4. chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    what?! banging drumsticks as part of a workout?! how cool is that!!! sounds like you did quite a few different exercises to get the blood moving-good for you!

    i don’t think i could ever do a cardio class for the length of any of the LOTR movie-woof indeed.

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