Things I’m Loving Lately (Jan 2015)

As a fun Friday post, I’d thought I’d share again some of my recent favorite finds from around the web and in my life!



Biggest on my list is that Ironman Louisville is now sold out! With the recent change to a (hopefully) cool October, versus the heat of August, it was speculated that this would now be a sell-out race, but I’m really excited to see that come true! 9 months out now!

Health/Fitness Finds:

An Easy Way to Estimate How Many Calories Are In Craft Beer


Alright, so this is NOT something I am loving lately. In fact, it is the most depressing article of all time. How easy is it to drink 2-3 beers on Friday night during a movie or during dinner out at a new place.. Too bad that might be adding like 750-1000 calories to my day. Wow! A good reality check.

15 Fun, Fast, Beginner-Friendly Marathons


I’ve run 5 of these so far (Flying Pig, Vegas, Grandma’s, Disney, and Chicago!) and I absolutely recommend those 5!

Marine Corp is also on the list and definitely on my bucket list. Well, okay, there probably are no races that aren’t on my bucket list.. but my top picks include: New York (who doesn’t?!), Crazy Horse (in South Dakota), Lost Dutchman, the original Athens, and of course, Boston!


13 Weird Moments In The History Of Water Fountains

This article was strangely really interesting.. Did you know that water fountains used to have a metal cup attached by a chain and EVERYONE shared that same cup!? BARF.

Night Changes

I can’t stop listening to this song. I’ve never been a One Direction fan, but this one definitely made it into my iTunes cart. The video is pretty funny, and sweet, too!

Quick Links:
Winter Shape-Up! – I’m a week late to the party, but this is a really fun challenge I wanted to share with FREE workouts and easy, healthy recipes from 2 of my favorite bloggers!

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like –

Pugs of Instagram – So. Much. Cuteness. (PLEASE LET ME HAVE ONE, PAUL!!!)


Have a great weekend!! Anything fun happening for you!? Nothing too much on tap for me except RIDING MY BIKE. I have a 70 mile race coming up and I NEED to get some saddle time in!

Do you think alcohol should be required to post calories/nutrition facts on their labels?

What races are on your bucket list?

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2 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately (Jan 2015)

  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I personally wish the craft beer companies would post nutrition information (particularly calories) somewhere on their label. If everyone else is required to do it, why are they not? I think it would definitely help me to be more mindful of what I choose to drink and order.

    Which of the 5 on that list was your favorite. I have thought about running Vegas, but I am really not a fan of running at night. I think it would really through me off! Disney is one that I want to do for fun.

    I’m not sure what Marathon is on my list next. Maybe the Mountains to Beach marathon in California?

    1. Post author

      They are all so different, so it is hard to pick! Probably Chicago, because of the energy and SO many spectators! but I might be biased because it is my hometown and first marathon :)

      I enjoyed Vegas, but it was a tough run. The late start got to us more than we thought it would, and Vegas is a rough place to be pre-marathon: so much food! alcohol! staying up late! (not to mention secondhand smoke). You also spend a lot of time in the desert at night.. not much to see and the time you actually spend on the strip is minimal. I’d probably run it again, but possibly the half instead.

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