The Best Race Weekend of the Year?

I don’t know how I am supposed to accomplish anything at work today! Disney Marathon Weekend is my favorite running weekend (besides maybe Boston!.. but that’s on a Monday). There is a continuous flow of so many awesome race recaps and Instagram photos! I wish I was there!


I absolutely love runDisney. While I agree that the races are getting too pricey and too crowded, I still love everything about them. The costumes, the characters, running through the parks and the fun! They make running accessible and appealing to everyone and allow the entire family to get involved! Exactly what running should be.

So while I sit and stare longingly at all the fun everyone is having in Orlando (while counting down the days until we leave next week for Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend!), I thought I’d share a couple of my own runDisney photos…

Goofy Challenge 2013



Which Mickey is the real one? You will never know.


This one is from the runDisney website which Im super proud of




I ran like a bat out of hell across the expo to meet Joey Fatone. We are besties now.

You can also read my recaps from the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and the Glass Slipper Challenge!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2014


In the starting corral



During the half. I like how you can see my mouse ear shadow.




Glass Slipper Challenge/Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2014



At the start of the 10k




I waited like 15 minutes for this photo, so I am posting it regardless of the quality



I asked a cast member to take my photo in front of the castle and I like to laugh at how bad this one is too.


It was SO humid and foggy. My camera was having a really rough day with the white balance.



Afterwards at our first trip to Animal Kingdom



I hope everyone has a great weekend! I don’t have much on the books except for a final long run before the half next weekend, packing, and unwinding after a hectic week.

Have you ever run a Disney race? Do you want to?

What is your favorite race weekend? I love when whole cities seem to get in the spirit! Boston, obviously, gets into it like no one else and so did Cincinnatti for the Flying Pig! In other places (like my own Kansas City), most people have barely registered that something is going on 😀

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  1. chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    you got to meet joey fatone?!?! lucky lady! i run some (but never marathons or halfs…no thank you) so i actually didn’t know the disney one existed (don’t hate me). it looks SO fun! that’s so great that two of you do them together :)

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