Celebrating A Year of Redefining Athlete (2014)

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Redefining Athlete. Considering I only wrote 39 posts in the first year, it clearly took me a little while to get into the swing of things (writing posts is harder that it seems, ESPECIALLY when your blog is about fitness and you’re suffering post-Ironman burnout), but I think I’ve finally found a groove that feels ‘right’.

I’m also happy that this anniversary falls very close to New Year’s, so I’m going to celebrate by posting my favorite moments from 2014/the first year of Redefining Athlete (On NYE, I’ll give you an update on my goals for next year and how I fared this year [spoiler: not well]).

My favorite moments from 2014:

Stupid American…


You can’t walk 50 feet in Oktoberfest without running into one of these cookie stands. The cookies are not for eating, they are essentially Valentines for your sweetheart. After a day of drinking beer by the liter, however, the idea was made to buy a cookie and taste it. It tasted like crap. Cardboard. We also thought the cookie looked hilarious hanging half-eaten around Paul’s next and a million times more hilarious when someone yelled: “Stupid American! You aren’t supposed to eat zee cookie!!!”


That holy @%#$ feeling after arriving in Hong Kong

19 hour flight, no luggage, no idea what the heck we are doing.. just admiring the skyline of one of the biggest cities in the world. A feeling that made me feel very insignificant, yet kinda invincible at the same time.



What are the chances? in Boston


There was an estimated 1 MILLION spectators and 35,000 runners at this year’s Boston Marathon. You can read my full review here, but after runner tracking totally failed me, I had no idea how to locate Paul on the course. With no way of knowing where he was at, I still can’t believe my luck that I stumbled walked out of the bar within mere seconds of his passing by where I was standing. Fate? Destiny? Drunken ingenuity? Either way, the stars aligned I got to see him on the 26th mile and I’m really thankful for that. I still can’t get over the chances of it happening.


The crowds were insane.

Dinner in Santa Barbara


Paul and I took the train here from LA before a wedding and had such a blast wine tasting and exploring for a day. The perfect couple’s getaway.

We also had the best crab of my entire life at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company. Perfectly cooked, juicy, almost sweet. What dreams are made of.


And just to be clear, the best moment I am referring to is eating this crab.. not the perfect couple’s day mumbo jumbo.. but that was nice too.

The day of YOLO

I did 3 things on August 10th (our 1 year anniversary) in Hawaii that scared the heck out of me, but I’m proud of myself for doing all of them and taking the opportunity to live in the moment and not chicken out:

1. I swam in a waterfall at Waimea Falls (even after googling the terrifying rumors of human sacrifice that might have occurred here). It gets up to 30 feet deep! Yes, I thought about it every second I was in the water.

IMAG2042 IMAG2043

2. I jumped off a cliff into the water at Waimea Bay (but less cool is that I didn’t have my mouth closed, though so I thought I cracked all my front teeth.. I didn’t)


3. And then, I jumped off a catamaran into the ocean way offshore. We thought the captain was joking at first.


Nothing for miles, but sharks and other deadly things



The water was SO clear and blue


Oh, and we had anniversary pancakes (since we couldn’t wait and scarfed the top tier of our cake at 6 months)


Skipping my 10 year high school reunion

High school wasn’t nearly the torturous, tumultuous 4 years that some people experience (especially considering I met my husband during this time), but can I still get an amen for how much better life is without it?

And thank you Facebook for providing me anything curious minds need to know…

Crossing the finish hand in hand

Paul is just a tad faster than I am (his best marathon is closer to my half marathon time than my full) and we rarely actually run together. It meant a lot to me in June when we ran Grandma’s Marathon together and crossed the finish line hand in hand.


I also finished a heck of lot faster with him there to judge me for walking :)

Celebrating Love (with no planning needed)

We went to an insane amount of weddings this year. Each one was different and unique and so full of love in their own way, so I can’t pick a favorite specific moment. Attending weddings after you are married is a MILLION times better than before. You can appreciate all the details while knowing you (hopefully) never have to do all that planning again, and take the time to just simply enjoy all the love in the air and reminisce about how in love and happy you felt on your own day.

IMAG1128 IMAG1139


My cousin playing with the flower girls


IMAG2172 IMAG2190 IMAG3349

I get how cheesy how the above was, but seriously. Weddings are expensive and stressful. I have a whole new appreciation for them now and love remembering how much fun I had at my own.

So, here’s to another year of Redefining Athlete (I already renewed my domain name, so you are stuck with me until then..)! Thanks to everyone reading along and commenting :) I really appreciate it more than you know!!

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