Happy Bike Month!!

Happy Bike Month!!


When you change after your bike ride only to realize you both packed only 1 shirt and its the same one.

I can’t believe it is May already.. just 26 days until Dirty Kanza. GULP!

The past couple weeks since we’ve been home from Paris have gone by so fast, but I’m happy because I’ve gotten in quite a few solid rides.

75 Miles on 4/19

I had an awesome ride after a 10 mile run on Saturday.IMAG5207


MCI Airport


Wait, where am I?

Wait, where am I?


Paul was working, so I wanted to stay local and I ended up riding 30 miles to Target and back (including a loop about the Kansas City airport), eating a quick lunch and then riding the same loop again, but with a few extra miles to the local running store. I was really hoping to find some of those new savory pizza gels from Clif that I keep hearing about, but I haven’t found them in store yet.

Lazy Weekend 4/25

I was pretty awful the next weekend, however. Paul worked again and I literally watched Friends on Netflix ALL day. I’m a horrible person. On Sunday I managed to pull myself together and ran the CCVI Trolley Run! It’s just a 4 mile run, but it benefits the local Childen’s Center for the Visually Impaired and it is one of the oldest races in KC. The perfect run for a PR or to enjoy with the whole family. They bused everyone to the start of the run on Trolley Track Trail and then you ran back into town and it finished on KC’s Country Club Plaza.

IMAG5243 IMAG5238 IMAG5245

It was freezing that morning, but the run was actually a lot of fun and it was a flat and fast course! I surprised myself by running it in 35:30 which is closer to a PR than I’ve been in a while. Big thanks to Yelp KC for sponsoring my entry!

60 Miles to Work!

I also FINALLY accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I rode my bike home from work one day and then back the next day in the morning :)

IMG_2267 IMG_2266

My typical commute is about 25 minutes entirely on highway, but Paul helped me map out a route using side roads and the fantastic Line Creek Trail. At just under 30 miles one way, I can get to work in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I can get home in faster in only 2:05 because there are significantly less cars if I wait until 5:30/6pm to leave work.


Paul met me halfway on the way home

It’s a haul, but it was such a fun experience. I think I’ll get in pretty good shape if I can rip out 60 miles a day :) The only bummer is that it is a TON of work to prep to ride to work. I’m looking into getting a commuter bag, but I have to plan ahead and leave my work clothes there ahead of time.. and since we aren’t eating out I need to make sure to have breakfast, lunch and a small pre-ride home snack already at work. But I am thankful to have a full locker room and shower with towels and an itty bitty permanent locker that I can keep a small bag of makeup and a brush in. My goal is to do 10 round trip commutes this month… pending the forecast ever shows the sun again!!

85 Miles in Iowa!!


Paul finally had this weekend off, so we drove the 3 hours up to Des Moines to the Raccoon River Valley Trail. This trail is INCREDIBLE. A 77 mile loop of paved trail dedicated for bikers! There are a few gravel crossings and a bunch of small towns to stop in along the way, but it is GORGEOUS. This was the same trail that we road last year for the Bacoon Ride (which we are doing again this year!!) We had planned on riding the loop twice for 150 miles, but around mile 60 it started raining. Bleh. We ended at 1 loop, stopped for some beers at a restaurant, and then headed back to the hotel. Since we were in Iowa, we then got the chance to see some friends we haven’t seen since November! It was a really fun weekend and much needed :)

IMG_2286 IMG_2288 IMG_2287 IMG_2289 IMG_2292

So, phew. A lot to catch up on, but overall bike training is going well. We’re headed to Indianapolis this weekend, and then have a 100 mile gravel race planned for the 17th and another 100+ miles over Memorial Day.. then it’s race day.. YIKES. A few of those 60 mile days commuting to work definitely won’t hurt me!

Have you ever commuted to work by bike? It has always been something I wanted to do and I finally felt comfortable and confident enough on the bike to make it. When I arrived at work, my team even made me a toilet paper finish line to run through and they played the Rocky theme song 😛

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2 thoughts on “Happy Bike Month!!

  1. Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties

    HAHA I love the pic of you guys with the same shirt… adorable. Also, clif makes PIZZA GELS?! I’ve never heard of those but now I really hope you find them to try because I want to know how they taste!! Also… still impressed by your bike commute. That is amazing!!

  2. chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    ummm that’s the cutest ever that you both only had the same shirt! i love that! also totally impressed by all your biking…it almost makes me want to get back on a bike. don’t tell portland…but neither of us own a bike.

    i also loooove reading your blog because my grandparents live in KCMO but moved from des moines, where i would spend my childhood summers. makes me happy to see photos and talk of the mid-west!

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