Weekend Roundup

Monday came in hard this week. This weekend was a ton of fun and I am definitely missing it.
Plus I’m SUPER jealous of anyone with a 3-day weekend. Seriously? Presidents Day? Why is that even celebrated?

Things from this weekend:

Gone Girl


Have you seen this movie yet? Paul got it for me for Valentine’s Day because I wouldn’t shut up about much I wanted to see it again, so we watched it Friday night. I saw it at the theater and it was SO good. You seriously need to read the book if you haven’t yet , but GG is also a HUGE anomaly in that the movie MIGHT be better than the book. That never happens.

On Saturday, Paul had to work in the morning, so I binged really hard on some Parenthood (finally on Season 5!) and then headed to the gym for a quick 3 miles followed by an hour on the bike trainer with Sufferfest’s Fight Club. And in case you are curious, Sufferfest is having a 36 hour sale! 20% all videos and plans through Feb 16th! These videos will make you a better cyclist, I promise!


After our workouts, we broke our 19 day streak of not eating out with the only thing worthy of streak-breaking: TACO BELL.


We are so romantic it makes you sick, right? 😉 We spent the rest of the night with Netflix.

Sunday, was SUPPOSED to be our 70 mile gravel race in Rocheport, MO, but we totally bailed. The high of the day was 18 degrees and that wasn’t even until mid-afternoon. On top of 20 mph winds and the forecast for 1″-3″ of snow, we were out. Luckily we signed up for the race of Black Friday, so we got a good deal ($30?) so we weren’t out a ton of cash. We also saved ourselves a 2 hour drive each way.


But the day wasn’t spent on the couch. My unofficial plan called for 2 rides (50 miles and 10 miles), so I counted the hour on Saturday for the 10 miles and then calculated about 45 (3 hours) on the trainer on Sunday. My legs are feeling that one.

We are hoping to hit some ACTUAL gravel this coming weekend, so the snow we got yesterday better GTFO stat. I don’t mind the trainer as much as some people, but I really want to get a ton of miles in outside before the DK Training Camp at the end of March.

So, that was our weekend! Did you do anything especially fun?

And to help you drag out the weekend a little longer, here are some fun links from the around the web:

Husky Quartet: PLEASE tell me you follow these lil guys on Instagram. SO cute.

husky husky quartet

30 Healthy Habits for Triathletes

Sufferfest! Here is the link to the Sufferfest videos I mentioned. My favorite is Blender!

Where should you travel in 2015? – A random, fun quiz from Budget Travel:


I got the Great Barrier Reef :) Our current plans are for Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, so I don’t think we will hit the GBR in November, but maybe we should reconsider 😉 There is just SO much to see in Australia!

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    heeeeey we are going to australia in may!!! i don’t know if we’ll fit in the GBR either so i guess that just means it’s time for another trip another time, right??

    we played it low-key this weekend too and i don’t blame you for the big NOPE to riding in the freezing cold/snow. good move!

  2. Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties

    whoaaa is that a mexican pizza from taco bell?! omg I used to get those all the time, SO GOOD! Alsoooo you think the GG movie is better than the book?! GAH this means I really need to watch it! Too bad we don’t live close by so I could borrow your movie 😉

  3. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    I saw Gone Girl before reading the book and thought it was INTENSE!!! Now I wonder what my experience with the book would have been if I would have read it before seeing the movie (fail).

    I took the quiz and got Bali. I’ve never really thought about going to Bali, but do want to swim in the Indian Ocean someday – so maybe that is the place.

    You are going to have such an incredible time in Australia!!!

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