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It Starts…

^^I remember that line most from my Lion King computer game. Anyone else?

Well, panic mode has set in.
44 days until Dirty Kanza Training Camp. We are still 109 days from the actual race, but training camp is currently what is scaring me most.

dk camp dk

We’ve received a draft of the itinerary and camp will be a 50 mile ride on Friday, 110 mile ride on Saturday, and then a 50 mile ride on Sunday. Woof.

dk camp2

But someone is clearly on my side because we finally had some AWESOME weather in Kansas City and it just so happened to finally align to when I’m actually in town :)

On Saturday I got outside and rode 30 miles on what I lovingly refer to as ‘Bikey Loop’. A 5 mile loop that is 2 miles from our house and is basically the hilliest 5 miles ever. It isn’t gravel, but it is wonderful hill training and somewhere I feel more or less safe riding when I’m alone.

pc ride

It isn’t quite as pretty as the scenery we had while cycling in Portland 2 weeks ago‚Ķ


But it certainly is Midwest pretty :)

IMAG4289 (2)

Blue sky for dayssss

Saturday night we went to our favorite local bike shop for a Dirty Kanza Workshop. The owner, Joe, is a Dirty Kanza veteran and spent a few hours going over tips and tricks for race day. To say it was useful is the understatement of 2015. I took multiple pages of notes on everything from what lights I need on my bike and helmet, how to mount an external battery on my bike to power my Garmin for 18 hours, how much water I need after leaving each checkpoint (90-120 oz MINIMUM) and what to pack in my saddle bag. We also got some goodies from Hammer Nutrition and Salsa Cycles, so it was a good night. I even finally purchased a 3L Camelbak, so I can get used to riding with the weight on my back.

IMG_20150207_212845 (2) lobo

On Sunday, Paul and I headed down to the downtown Wheeler Airport (a small, private airport) to use the 4 mile loop there. This is an awesome place to ride or run because there are very few cars, only a couple hills, and a stellar place to rack up miles.

downtown airport

Took this picture at some point from an airplane. The downtown airport is the green area in the armpit of the Mighty Missouri River.

I only squeaked out 25 miles, but this ride was more just saddle time to get me used to being on the bike again. And let me tell you, that second day of being on the bike seat… Ugh. I’ve got to keep it up because right now my endurance is not the problem, my butt is :). Tonight is technically a rest day, but I plan on just sitting on my bike and with low resistance and just getting some quality time on the seat (and you know, binge-watching as much Parenthood as I can).

After the ride we accomplished my favorite part of training: Carb refueling.

unnamed (1)

Big Rip Brewery in North Kansas City. The best hefeweizen in town.

I’ll admit, I don’t have a REAL training plan to follow for this. I found THIS plan for a 200 mile race on the internet and I’m using it as a rough guide, but my goal is just to ride my bike as much as possible and aim for 2 100 mile rides a month. Other than that, every weekend will include a long ride on Saturday (> 60+ miles), followed by a decently long ride on Sunday (> 25+ miles).


^^I like how the plan designates the day after the 200 mile race as *rest*. Ahhh, no duh.

I also want to incorporate as many gravel races as possible.

hair 100

Aiming for this one in early May

The glorious part about gravel racing is that races are typically suuuuper cheap. It would be impossible for any non-millionaire to run a race each week for training leading up to a marathon because road races are SO expensive. But gravel? 100 miles for $20 is pretty common.. And it includes lunch.

So, this weekend is our first gravel race in Rocheport, MO. I’m desperate for temps like this weekend! I’m currently signed up for the 70 miles distance, but I promise you, if it is too cold I’m calling uncle and dropping down to a shorter distance. I am SO over winter. Fingers crossed for warm weather!

I hope you all had a great weekend? Anyone else in the Midwest take advantage of the nice weather? Easterners, do you hate me for bragging about being outside? :)

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4 thoughts on “It Starts…

  1. chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    whoa…you are a total badass for doing this!!! i tried to ride a bike about 2 years ago and made it a mile and then said “nope. i hate this.” hope your butt (and your eyes/heart/tears) love all that ‘parenthood’ though!

    1. Post author

      hahaha I know exactly where you are coming from. When I first wanted to do a triathlon, I thought the bike would be the easiest.. I mean, I rode one all the time as a kid, right? Nope. Nope. Nope. :)
      And Parenthood.. oh my heart. I swear it gives my heart a better workout more than anything else.

  2. Kim @ Swimmykimy

    WOW, what an intense race! GO YOU! I definitely know where you are coming from with the sore butt, my butt is HATING me right now. I’m looking forward to following your training, keep it up girl!!!

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