2015 Goals (January Recap!)

Happy February!!

I can’t believe we are already an entire month deep into 2015! And it has been a chaotic month, so far! I still owe you guys a recap of the Star Wars Half Marathon and our trip to Portland, so I’ll get those posted this week.

However, in hopes of staying on top of my goals for this year, I want to give a monthly update on how I’m doing!

This is going well and I haven’t missed any data yet, but I still find myself slacking a day here or there and then having to go back and log them retroactively. Between all the travel and being sick, I’ve been slacking a tad on workouts in general, so hopefully getting on track again will make it easier to update.

2. Run 1,000 miles.
I’ve run 42.3 miles so far this year. In order to hit 1,000, I need to average 83 miles a month. So, fail. But can I tell you my excuses about being sick and travelling again? Time to get it together, Courtney!

3. Race a 13 hour Ironman (13:59:59 counts).
Not yet! Still planning on kicking butt!

4. Try my hardest at Dirty Kanza and not go down without a fight.
Starting to really ramp up on the bike! My first gravel race is in 2 weeks (Feb 15) and is 70 miles… we shall see how that goes!

5. Visit 5 new states.

We visited Portland, Oregon for Paul’s birthday! 1 down! Our next planned new state is Utah in July, but I bet we find a way to check off another state before then!

6. 300 days of no eating out.

IMAG4266 (2)
In order to hit 300 days, we can only eat out 5 days a month. This month we ate out 12, but that includes early January when we had guests in town, an unexpected trip to Chicago, and 2 weekends out of town. Despite being really behind, I’m really really excited how this challenge is going. We’ve planned ahead to bring food on planes, passed up a couple happy hours, and definitely scavenged in our pantry instead of eating out more than a handful of times. I’m really happy how this challenge is going and I think we are saving a boatload of money. On just one of my credit cards last year, I saw that I spent $3,300 on restaurants. HOLY BUCKETS. I’ll look into seeing if I can find the total across all of my cards for next month’s recap.

7. Choose Adventure.

IMAG4199 IMAG4191 IMG_1804
I’ll mention it more during my Portland recap, but I went a bit outside of my comfort zone when we signed up for a bike tour of the Colombia River Gorge. I tend to get nervous riding my bike on unfamiliar roads, but we went for it and it was INCREDIBLE. Above and beyond the highlight of our trip! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!

8. Read 52 books this year.
Here is what I’ve read recently!:

An Abundance of Katherines

All of John Green’s novels have about the same plot, but I still usually like them anyway. This one isn’t as deep as Fault in our Stars, but if you read that, you will probably like his other works. One book I really recommend is The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (especially if you like The Big Bang Theory) and An Abundance of Katherines has a similar theme: socially-challenge nerds (think Sheldon) who end up being pretty charming.

Domestic Violets

I’ve had this one on my bookshelf forever and I’m kicking myself for not starting it earlier. The opposite of John Green teen-lit, this is about a mid-life crisis and family drama from a guy’s perspective. Funny, sarcastic and easy to read. I burned through this book quickly, and wish the author had other novels.

Have a great rest of your Monday! Did you watch the Superbowl last night?

It probably isn’t any secret that my favorite commercial was the Tough Dodger 😀

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  1. chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    yay!!! i can’t wait for your portland recap and see what all you did! i think you were here the same weekend my mom was here and it was quite lovely out! so happy you made it to multnomah falls and went biking. you have a some great goals ahead :)

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