2015 Goals (and WTF happened in 2014)

I’m a big list-maker and goal-setter. I don’t always follow through on my goals because I have the attention span of a toddler and I often let other things take priority, but I still love making a list and taking the time to think up goals what I hope to accomplish in the coming year.

So how did I do on last year’s goals? Spoiler: Horrible

Eat vegetarian (except when travelling.. but within reason)

Paul and I were vegetarian for 6 months. I’m not calling it a fail because we took the decision to stop with much consideration, but truthfully it just wasn’t for us. We aren’t big meat-eaters to begin with and while we didn’t have a problem finding and eating vegetarian, we just weren’t enjoying limiting ourselves for a reason that didn’t speak to us. The whole goal of the change was to be more vigilant about what we are putting in our mouths and to be healthier and we decided we could still accomplish that without putting unnecessary rules upon ourselves. So, meat it is and we had some really good food this year.

Read 52 books (Fiction and Non-Fiction.. the best way to learn new things!) 

Nope, nope, nope. I used to read a ton and I really miss it. I few years in a row I hit even 100 books, but I fell off the wagon last year with wedding planning and Ironman training and still haven’t found my way back on. I read a total of 24 books this year, which comparatively isn’t too shabby, but I think I’ll aim for a book every 2 weeks for 2015.

My favorite books of the year (Check me out on Shelfari to see my full list!):

house in the sky tale for the time storied me before you husband

Make a Kansas City Bucket List and cross off 25% of it! (I’ve been here 5 years and still haven’t seen some of the best parts!)

Bah, I didn’t even MAKE the KC Bucket List, but I have been more conscious about exploring and trying new things. This isn’t off my to-do list and this year I want to put together some Kansas City travel guides to share.

Run 1,000 miles (3rdtimes the charm?)

Nope. And even worse is that I am HORRIBLE at logging my workouts. For the 3rd year in a row, not only have I missed my goal, but I don’t even have an accurate number because I’ve been too lazy to even record my runs! NUMBER ONE GOAL for 2015 is Log. Every. Run. No excuses. I mean, if I can get my butt out for a run, I can certainly write it down!!

Run a sub-4:00 marathon (Aiming for this at the Garmin Marathon in April)

I did the exact opposite. I dropped down to the half in Garmin and then I ran the 3 worst marathons of my life. However, I’m not beating myself up about it because I had blast doing them. I made travel a priority over training and I promise you I have no regrets about that. I’d love a PR this year at Paris Marathon, but… in reality I really just want a decent (for me) time… by that I mean around 4:45. I only have 2 marathons in the works for 2015 (Paris and IM Louisville) and therefore Paris is my only shot because I promise you that a marathon PR is not going to happen after swimming and biking J

So… what’s the plan for 2015, you say?

  1. LOG EVERY WORKOUT. I am THE WORST at this and I don’t understand why. If I can get my arse out for a run, WHY can’t I log it? I’m going to keep using Training Peaks (free edition).
  2. Run 1,000 miles. THIS IS THE YEAR. I swear. I know I haven’t hit it in years past, but I have no idea what my mileage even was (See Goal #1)
  3. Race a 13 hour Ironman (13:59:59 counts). This requires taking an hour and 13 minutes off my time. I think I can do it!
  4. Try my hardest at Dirty Kanza and not go down without a fight. Dirty Kanza (200 mile gravel race) is so far out of my comfort zone that I’m already having nightmares. But I’m going to do it, I’m going to get muddy, I’m going to hurt, I’m probably going to fall on my bike and I’m going to love it.
  5. Visit 5 new states. Already have trips to Portland, OR and Salt Lake City, UT booked 😀 Plus that lil’ Ironman Louisville thang. I also really really want to go to New Orleans. And Savannah. And Maine. And Yellowstone. And.. I think I’ll have no problems meeting this goal.
  6. 300 days of no eating out. This seems totally reasonable. I mean 65 days is more than 2 months. But we basically eat out 2 or 3 times a weekend, not to mention whenever we are traveling. This one might be a bigger challenge than I think.
  7. Choose Adventure. I rocked this in 2014. And I’m ready for 2015 to be even more epic.

What are your goals for 2015? Anything that scares you on your plate or are you taking it easy this year? Do you even make NY Resolutions?

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5 thoughts on “2015 Goals (and WTF happened in 2014)

  1. chelsea @ the new wifestyle

    these are great goals! i agree that it can be tricky to follow through especially when you have some big lofty ones! i’ve found when i print or write my list of goals out and put them on my desk, on the fridge, in the bathroom, etc. it serves as a reminder of what i’ve committed to!

    yay portland! it’s amazing (though rainy) here :)

  2. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    Dang girl, we have so much in common. List maker. Goal-setter. Impatient. My kind of girl! ☺

    Ok, so questions. Why did you guys decide to go vegetarian? Do books on tape count? I’m thinking about listening to a lot of book on my iPod while Ironman training. I know it’s not the same as reading… or is it?

    You are going to be in Portland???! When? Why? Awesome. I hope you love it.

    1. calquist@gmail.com Post author

      We decided to go vegetarian in attempts to weed out a lot of fast food options and just to be more mindful of what we were putting in our mouths. AND just to challenge ourselves to do it. It was a fun challenge, but just not for us in the long run!
      I think books on tape DEFINITELY count! I had an audible subscription for a while last year for my commute to work, but I started getting too into them and it was more of a distraction from driving, haha :)
      And we’re coming to Portland the last weekend in January! We got really cheap airline tickets and we’ve never been, so we are going for Paul’s birthday! Voodoo Donuts is on my list! Any recommendations?!

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