Things I’m Loving Lately (Dec 2014)

As we are gearing up for New Year’s Eve this week, I thought I’d share some things that I’ve been really loving lately. Plus if Buzzfeed has proven anything, we all love a good list..

Fitness Finds:

The Pull-Buoy Debate

pull buoy

I found this article especially fascinating and I think now that I’m getting back in the pool, I’m going to take it to heart. Basically, there are multiple points of arguments for and against pool buoys (you know, the foam you stick between your legs) and I’ve previously been a hater. However, I have noticed that during races my lower back starts to hurt..  and this now makes sense: when I swim in the pool, my legs are dragging more than when I’m in my wetsuit in a lake. My back starts to hurt because during longer races I’m not used to swimming with my legs in the proper position. I don’t get much of a chance for open water swimming, but I think the pull-buoy, or wetsuit pants (which I’ve previously mocked to no end) are something that might really help me. I plan on incorporating  a lot of pull buoy in my swimming future (and maybe maybe upgrading to lava pants if I think it helps).

A 6 month Ironman Training Program 

me an ironman 4

A simplified, but realistic approach to Ironman training. A great read to see what you are getting yourself into and a good rule of thumb to follow if you fall off plan. For my training this year, I’m going to be following the same plan I used last time, but incorporating the optional running workouts (each week has required/base and optional workouts) and way more hills.

Run the Edge’s 2015 miles in 2015 Challenge

2015 medal

Considering I’m 0 – 4 for my New Year’s Resolution to run 1,000 miles in a year, I’m out for this challenge… but with a cute medal and a motivational and private Facebook group for participants, I think this sounds like a really fun way to kick your goals up a notch for 2015. It also doesn’t hurt that it is co-affiliated by Kara Groucher and includes a 30 day membership for Training Peaks. You even have the option to split the challenge up with a friend or two!



huff post

I can’t stop. Send help. I’m only on season 3, but Parenthood has been my guilty pleasure this holiday break. It’s also helping my pass the time until Friends is released on Netflix on January 1st :) (Sorry Paul)

Sam Tsui

I’m partially relieved that Christmas is over so that I can break away from the Christmas music and get back to my constant loop of Taylor Swift’s 1989. I’m in LOVE with this remix of her album from Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider (as well as the rest of the rest of the videos on Sam’s YouTube channel).

Quick Links: 

Ironman’s 10 Most Popular Training Articles of 2014 I really liked the protein packed meal ideas

Frostbeard Candles I’m a huge weirdo and I LOVE the smell of books. These soy candles are right up my alley. I just can’t decide between ‘Old Books’ (Timber, White Tea, Newsprint, Must) or ‘Oxford Library’ (Oakmoss, amber, sandalwood, with hints of tobacco and leather).

Justin Timberlake – Yup.

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