Vanderkitten VIP

I got some news this weekend that made me very excited. I was accepted as an ambassador Vanderkitten’s 2015 team!

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Vanderkitten is a clothing company that makes active-wear (mostly cycling apparel) for women who are tired of the typical pink selection. They are a big proponent in support of women’s equality in sports. “Empowering everyday women to do extraordinary things!”. I found their brand a few years ago and was smitten from the beginning by their gear and I’m excited to represent them in all my races this year.


Plus, I love cats.. so there’s that too 😀 I can’t wait to see the team kits for this year!

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She really hates me

The rest of this weekend was pretty low-key. The temps were pretty cold, rainy, and foggy, but knowing that this is the best I’m probably going to get for a long time, I tried to take advantage with a quick ride outside.

unnamed (10)

And no, I was not smart enough to go during the high of the day.

I only rode for 45 minutes, but I still had to break out the hot hands and lobster gloves.

unnamed (4)

I’ve been riding my new Salsa Vaya and it is quite the adjustment not to be able to drop down into aero position whenever I want.

unnamed (12)

It was pretty gloomy for the ride, but still really Midwest-pretty.

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

My house is right near that water tower in the distance.


The rest of the day consisted of a lot of laziness:


And these beauties (Thank you, Whole Foods):

unnamed (3)


We are off to Disney for our Christmas on Thursday (I CAN’T WAIT!!!), but I have a #TBT Travel post planned for while we are away, so be sure to subscribe or check back on Thursday for it!

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