Everything is AWESOME (Weekly Workouts)

After becoming nearly diabetic with the amount of Halloween candy that I ate last Friday, this last week has been, well, AWESOME.

I’m pretty psyched to be back on track and even though everyone else is winding down for the off-season, I’m excited to FINALLY have some mojo back and I plan on building what will hopefully be a STELLAR winter base.

2015 Races:

January: Star Wars Rebel Challenge (Half Marathon and 10k)

March: Dirty Kanza Training Camp (4 fun-filled days of biking, biking and more biking)

April: Paris Marathon (I really really want a PR, but A race for the Spring is definitely….)

May:Dirty Kanza 200 (I’m in way over my head on this one, but I can’t be more excited to try and not fail).

October: Ironman Louisville

So, being 6 months out from anything serious (Run Disney races are purely for entertainment and minimal sweat), I’m slowly working on building up a strong base while I try and figure out how the heck to train for 200 miles of riding on gravel.

Last Week’s Workouts:

Sat (11/1): 8 mile run. I almost got out of this one since we test drove some cars in the AM and got back later than intended, but Paul made sure I got out the door.

Sun (11/2): 16.3 mile ride. My first ride on my brand new Salsa Vaya. A super windy day, a bike with no aero bars, a new bike seat and barely any cycling fitness = one rough start.. but it was still a fun time.


Mon (11/3): 1 hr trainer ride: Used a Spinervals DVD to do an FTP test, but did all the work with none of the data. Goofed up my Trainer Road so I didn’t actually capture a new FTP. Fail, but a successful sweat.

Tues (11/4): 6 mile run outside. Me. Outside. Before 6 am. There is no way your brain can comprehend the miracle that this is.

Wed (11/5): 6 mile run outside. AGAIN. A little slower than Tuesday’s run, but still 6 miles in 1:04 on a decently hilly route. I’m a saint.

Thur (11/6): 1 hr trainer ride. Another early morning date with Coach Troy.

Fri (11/7): 40 minute trainer ride. This was technically going to be my rest day, but I am absolutely terrified by the fact that I woke up early 5 days in a row. I have to keep the momentum going or risk losing it forever.

Sat (11/8): 10 mile run. This one hurt. I tried something other than my beloved GU gels and I regretted it. My splits were awful compared to my typical runs, but there was some suffering.. but I got it done and even saw a horse.

Sun (11/9): 2 hours on the bike trainer. What started as a bizarre day (drove to the airport to ride outside, but ended up calling the cops on some sports car who was speeding back and forth and then bailed because I was intimidated and paranoid, so I rode at home on my trainer), ended up with a good workout, but a reminder that I need to slowly build up my mileage because my butt is NOT used to sitting on the bike for hours upon hours like it used to be. Only 7 months to build it up to 12/13/14/15/16 hours on that seat!





This week’s goals: Keep the momentum going and not hate the new swim class I signed up for!

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