Creature of Habit

I don’t often put a lot of thought into what I wear when I’m running. I just like to wear what is comfortable. It wasn’t until recently that I realize how much of a creature of habit I tend to be:

It all started in 2011 at my first marathon, the Chicago Marathon. My group made custom t-shirts to wear, but my Nike purple shorts made their debut!



7 months later at the Big Sur Marathon, the same purple shorts and shoes are back! Those shoes are Brooks Adrenaline. My shirt: the ever sophisticated C9 brand from Target.


Big Sur


Rock N Roll Seattle: Same shirt, shorts and shoes. Those fabulous tube sock arm warmers were just one time use, however 😀




In the 2012, KC Marathon, I lost the headband from the past 3 races when my bangs finally grew out, but I kept the same shorts, shoes and shirt. In this photo, I was ecstatic because of a new PR!


KC 2


A month later in November, The North Face Endurance 50k was a bit colder, but you can still see my black shirt underneath. After 5 marathons, I should probably replace those shoes!

NF 50k


Just kidding, the shoes live to see another race in Vegas December 2012!




January 2013 at the Disney Marathon, I switched up my shorts for my Mickey costume, but the black shirt lives on! I spray painted some shoes even older than those purple ones.






Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati 2013! A looonngg day in the rain, but thankfully I had my trusty black shirt and purple shorts! And finally! Some new shoes!


Flying Pig


Those are the same green shoes that then brought me into the finish at Ironman Arizona this past November. I had packed my purple shorts in my T2 gear back, but opted to keep my tri shorts on.. however, you can see my trusty black shirt made it!


me an ironman 4


So, any guesses what I’ll be wearing this June for Grandma’s Marathon? 😀 And despite literally being with me for every marathon I’ve ever run, I promise the shorts and shirt don’t reek!!! Paul… you would tell me, right?

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