A Change of Plans

So, it has basically been forever since my last post. I want to say that I have simply been busy: I was sick for almost a whole week, I traveled to Tulsa for work, etc.. but in reality the best way to sum it up is to say that I’ve missed a lot of long runs for some good reasons and a lot of lazy reasons.

This past weekend was Rock the Parkway Half Marathon, the first race of what I call officially ‘race season’. It is also my favorite race in the KC area. I PR-d on this course in 2011 with 1:59:58 and I STILL haven’t beaten that time.. and YIKES.. 2011 was 3 years ago! I need to get on that!


The race this weekend was a bit of a strugglefest for me considering how many of the runs for Garmin Marathon I have skipped. I also forgot how while the last few miles have a gradual downhill, the first 10 miles are definitely rolling hills. I never broke down and walked except when I ate my Gu or stopped at an aid station, but I still was constantly reminding myself to stay focused and concentrate. I love this course because of the spectators, the fountain and just the scenery as we run up and down Ward Parkway, so I tried to spend as much time concentrating on that as I could. Even in the last mile I struggled to really ramp up the speed which is usually my favorite part. I love counting the ‘roadkill’ in the last mile as I pass people.


So in case, you didn’t see where this is going, I’ve decided to drop from the full to the half for Garmin Marathon in 2 weeks. Getting sick and having a lingering cough that made my chest ache when I was running and just being extremely lazy overall  has put me in a spot where I would be silly to run the full. My time this weekend (2:12 for 13.1) certainly wasn’t bad, but it isn’t my best. I could probably finish the 26.2 without getting injured, but it would be painful and not pretty. I know at the end, even with that cute lion medal around my neck, I would be disappointed in my time and cute bling never makes up for that. I obviously want to do 50 states and run as many fun races as I can, but what’s the point of quantity over quality? Plus, I’m fortunate enough to live close to Olathe, KS where the marathon is held. This is a race I can do any other year without having to travel.

Now that the current plan is to run the half on April 26th, I do feel some relief. I’ve got my eye on Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN in late June and I’ve got enough fitness to start fresh with marathon training for that race without being behind. I’m also traveling with Paul this weekend to Boston to watch him compete on Monday 😀 If THAT isn’t going to be motivation to get back on track with marathon training, I don’t think anything will be able to revive me!

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