It’s Friday!!!!

I couldn’t be happier for the weekend to be here. Paul and I have been sick and spent most of last weekend on the couch, so I’m excited to get more done this weekend.

Despite feeling bad, I was still able to get my long run in last Sunday. 15 miles, but it felt awesome and even better I was able to run OUTSIDE.


The weather this week has been SUCH an improvement and been about 60 degrees each day! It is WONDERFUL! I was only able to get outside to run on Sunday, but I am looking forward to this Sunday for my next long run of 17 miles.

Also on tap this weekend, we are participating in the local YMCA’s indoor triathlon. 10 minute swim in the pool, then 20 minutes on the bike and a 20 minute run. I’ve never done an indoor tri before so I will be interested to see how the logistics work. I hear the transitions are not timed, which is nice since I won’t have the wind when riding a bike to dry off with 😀


The Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship is also this weekend. Even though it takes place in Kansas City, we will be watching from a bar or home. Tickets are just too pricey! Iowa State won in the first round, so we will be rooting them on tonight against Kansas. I’ll be using my ‘cheat’ meal tonight to enjoy some brews during the game!

Speaking of cheat meals, I’ve been really trying to focus on my nutrition since we got back from Orlando. I gained weight during Ironman training because all of the workouts made me super hungry and then once the race was over and a took almost a month (okay, more like two months) off, I never really adjusted my eating habits. I don’t eat completely awful, but I was just never tracking what I was eating or how much. In the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to eat at CLEAN as possible and I’ve been consistent with my meals. This means planning ahead on Sunday what I am going to eat during the week, eating A LOT more vegetables and not eating out (especially for lunch at work).

My basic meals for the week looks like:

Green Smoothie for breakfast: Couple of handfuls of spinach and kale, 1 orange, 1 banana, a handful of frozen strawberries and 1/3 c almond milk.


Quinoa Salad for lunch: 1 c cooked quinoa, 1/3 can black beans, handful of corn, a few spoonfulls of pico de gallo, ½ a green pepper, ½ avocado and topped with cilantro.


Tofu Ranchero for dinner: I love this recipe and it is super easy. Just sauté veggies and cubed tofu, top with salsa and stick it in a tortilla! I found the recipe years ago here.


I also usually have a snack during the afternoon or morning of a Quest protein bar or Planter’s Nut Mix or banana.

I’ve felt so much better since I started being more conscious about what I am eating. My weight is now back to just about what I was at right before the race in November which feels worlds better 😀 I’d like to think all the greens are helping my skin too, but all the dry weather and chlorine is counteracting those benefits 😀

Have a great weekend! Anyone doing anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day?

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