Glass Slipper Challenge Race Recap! Part 1

I LOVE Disney. It feels so sad to be back at work after an awesome 4 days in Orlando. It is also 18 degrees, so that is NOT helping.

We flew into Orlando late on Thursday night and then on Friday woke up first thing to get Mickey waffles and head over to the Fit for Princess Expo. I was super impressed with the expo and we moved through it quickly getting our bibs, shirts and some photos 😀 Since we got married after registering for this race, I was worried I was going to have issues with my maiden name, but everything checked out and I was good to go. Even though I didn’t use it, they also had a shirt exchange which I thought was a really nice feature. I can’t stand that women’s sizing is always SO different and there is no way to know what size shirt you need, so it was nice that they had a chance to exchange it.


We went right as the expo opened at 9, but the place was pretty packed already. They had 2 tents (one in each building at ESPN) for the official merchandise, but it looked pretty well stocked. I only bought a tiny medal for the Vinylmation that I bought at Tinker Bell.


After the expo, we just played the day rather low-key. We went to Downtown Disney for lunch and then to Winter Summerland Mini Golf for the afternoon.


The key to enjoying a Run Disney race is having patience. I promise, no one is there to purposely ruin your day or get in your way. This is the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, so taking my own advice to mind, I was prepared to absolutely hate the Enchanted 10k. Last month at Tinker Bell Half Marathon, the course was swamped for the first 6-7 miles, so I was prepared that a shorter distance meant the same number of runners just crammed into a smaller distance. Not true at all! In fact, this might have been the best (logistically) Run Disney race we have done!


We stayed at the All Star Sports Resort, which is totally the best in my opinion. It is very reasonable in price, has bus transportation to the races and is the first stop for the buses, so no waiting on All Star Movies or All Star Music resorts. We took the 2nd bus that morning (buses started at 3:30am) and we were one of the first people at the race start. They even had a concession stand that let me purchase a bottle of water with my MagicBand. Super convenient and no need to carry any cash! Once the corrals opened at 4am, we headed straight to the port-o-potties and then lined up at the front of the A corral. We had a long time to wait (next time I’ll bring a space blanket or old shirt to sit on), but it was worth it to avoid fighting any crowds.


Holy cow it was humid for the 10k. I was basically sweating before we even started running. Having only ran inside (more or less) for the last 3 months, I turned into a bit of a struggle bus at a few points in the race. The aid stations only had water and I think Powerade would have helped, so I’ll be sure to bring my own next time we have temps like this.


I was impressed with the amount of entertainment for just 6 miles. Especially once we entered Epcot, there were a ton of characters along the course. I was also really happy with the corral spacing. I paced between the middle of the pack in A and didn’t have any crowding issues except for one road around mile 1- 2 (but I had stopped for a photo with the White Rabbit, so that was just me fighting my way back to others at my pace).


I stopped for a couple photos, but towards mile 4 I decided I wanted to try for under an hour despite the breaks. I ended up missing my goal, but I wasn’t here to PR 😀 I was here for fun! I ended up finishing in 1:03:18 and I’m pretty proud of Paul for finishing 18th overall at 42:22.


There were no characters at the actual finish line (I missed my high-five from Mickey!), but they did have Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle and Cinderella taking photos in the Runner Reunite area. I love this because since I obviously don’t run with Speedy Paul, we still get the chance to take some photos together with characters. They didn’t have this at Tinker Bell which was disappointing.


After our photos, we got back on the bus to All Star Sports. Easy! It is seriously so nice not having to deal with parking and being able to just take a bus.

The rest of the day we spent at Hollywood Studios. I had never been before, but I think this is my least favorite park. I do love Tower of Terror and I also really liked Muppet Vision 3D, but I was a little bored during the stunt shows and the Great Movie Ride is hilariously outdated. We got the chance to do Toy Story Mania at California Adventure last month thankfully because the line for it at Hollywood Studios never dipped below 70 minutes. Yuck.


I do have to mention that we used the new My Disney Experience app on my phone and it was AWESOME. We picked 3 Fast Passes the day before and then used the app to tell us the wait times for what to go on. It led to a lot of walking back and forth through the park, but we barely ever stood in line! I also loved being able to pay for everything using the MagicBand. It was super easy and convenient to never have to dig around in my purse to look for cash, FastPass tickets or keys!

My MagicBand.. of course I blinged it out!

My MagicBand.. of course I blinged it out!

We left Hollywood Studios around 4pm and just got some pizza from the All Star Sport dining hall for a carb-load dinner. We had to get up again at 2:45 AM , so it was early to bed for us after walking around in the heat all day 😀


I’ll be back with a recap for Part 2 of the Glass Slipper Challenge!

Sneak Peek of our Half Marathon Costume

Sneak Peek of our Half Marathon Costume

Also, I just HAVE to add in this photo from the 10k. I laughed out LOUD in a meeting when I saw this posted:

paul and rapunzel

I will definitely be buying these photos. Do you think we will be doing another Princess race? LOL :)

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