Weekly Workout Recap: What Goes Up…

So, remember how I was gloating in my last post about my stellar week? Ha.

week part 1

Well, I can’t say I had a bad week. It started off great and hit all of my workouts Mon – Saturday. I even got in the pool for my first Masters Class since November.


Unfortunately after my 7 miler on Saturday, my hip flexor has been sore again.  ARGH.

I had issues with my hip flexor originally back in 2011/2012 right after the Chicago Marathon. I was SUPER close to nailing 1,000 miles for the year so I went overboard and ramped my mileage way up trying to get it. I knew the moment I tore my hip flexor, but I kept running on it anyway thinking “run it off” was a good mentality. I ended up taking a few months off of running after that, but it ultimately healed more or less fine.

At the PT back in 2012

At the PT back in 2012

Since then, I’ve had a few issues with it pop up now and again and unfortunately Saturday was one of those days. I tried stretching it out and then went to the gym Saturday for my 15 miles, but stopped after half of a mile. It wasn’t terribly painful, but it wasn’t comfortable and it just wasn’t right.  With the Glass Slipper Challenge next weekend, my plan is to REST REST REST… but it still leaves me antsy.

A whopping 6 minute run

A whopping 6 minute run

WHY does it happen when I am finally on track again? Did I ramp up my miles too fast? Was it jumping back into swimming and then running right after that did it? Do I need new shoes? Or as Paul pointed out, this tends to happen when I’m logging a lot of miles on the treadmill… could it be my form on the treadmill? Am I zoning too hard into the latest episode of Teen Mom and not paying enough attention and hurting myself? Was it all the squats from bootcamp last week? OR am I just being too sensitive and babying it?

Well.. I don’t know, but I wish I did.  I’m taking today, Monday, as a rest day and then I will play it by ear tomorrow. I’m skipping boot camp today, but I thinking sticking with strength training ultimately will help this happen less as my muscles get stronger. It is supposed to be warmer here too, so as the snow melts maybe I will be able to get in a run OUTSIDE on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then on Thursday we are off to Orlando!

85 degrees = POOL TIME

85 degrees = POOL TIME

I can promise you that I will be toeing the line for the 10k and Princess Half this weekend! I’ll walk it if I have to, but I’m extremely excited to see 85 degrees! I’ve also been working hard on our costumes 😀 I can’t wait!


Our Mickey costumes. We will re-wear these for the 10k, but have new ones for the Half!

P.S. This might be a good time to remind you of the obvious: I am not a certified personal trainer. Redefining Athlete is only a documentation of my life. Nothing I say should be taken as medical advice and ALWAYS consult a physician before making changes to your lifestyle!

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