Weekly Workouts and Tour of Sufferlandria!

Happy SuperBowl Sunday!!

Paul and I are having a low-key game day since we don’t typically follow the NFL. The day started with a  9 mile run per my training plan and a 1 hour bike ride at home on the trainer. We then went BACK to the gym to catch some of the Puppy Bowl (no cable at our house)! We got about 3 inches of snow on Saturday morning, so I was stuck on the treadmill for the run, but it passed quickly with a little bit of guilty pleasure TV 😀


My bike ride was actually the final stage of the Tour of Sufferlandria! The ToS is an indoor bike trainer challenge sponsored by The Sufferfest and TrainerRoad. It is 9 days straight of bike workout videos from The Sufferfest which are BRUTAL. The TrainerRoad software links with my Garmin cadence sensor to show my cadence and power on my computer screen while I ride and also syncs my heart rate monitor, so I can monitor my progress during the workout. The data is then uploaded to the TrainerRoad website so each workout of the challenge is checked off and participants can earn prizes!


I had a BLAST doing the challenge. Paul did it last year and doing it this year was the best idea I’ve had recently 😀 I had never used a Sufferfest training video before and they REALLY kick your butt. Paired with the TrainerRoad software, you can’t cheat yourself during intervals and I feel like I can really tell a difference in my strength even after just 9 days. I was so impressed with the experience, I ended up purchasing the Novice cycling training program from Sufferfest and I plan to start that next week! Here’s to hopefully gaining some speed next season! It was free to do the Tour of Sufferlandria, but the official Sufferfest videos cost about $13 each. There are a steal compared to what I have spent on Spinervals DVDs in the past and I think these kick my butt a million times harder 😀


Here’s a screenshot of one of the workouts from the tour. My power is in yellow and my HR in red.

Because of the challenge, my stats for this week are almost entirely from the bike. My only run was my long run today, but I’ll be back on my marathon training plan this week. Next week, I’ll begin tying together the Sufferfest cycling plan and my marathon training plan together. I’m also starting a boot camp class which I bought from Groupon on Mondays and Wednesdays. It seems like I am taking on a lot right now, but I really need to start incorporating some strength training (which is where the boot camp comes in).


Some other exciting news: I’m officially registered for the Berlin Marathon! Paul and I, along with 3 other friends, are headed to Germany in September for the race 😀 We did the Chicago Marathon in 2011, so it will be really neat to see how Berlin, another World Marathon Major, compares in size! We will also be headed to Oktoberfest after the marathon 😀 I can’t think of any better way to recover after a race!


From the Berlin Marathon website

Have you done any of the World Marathon Majors (Chicago, London, Tokyo, Berlin, NYC)? I’d love to run them all, but well, I’ll need to win the lottery for that to happen anytime soon!