Disney Bound! Weekly Workout Recap (Week of 1/6)

Finally! A week with some consistency! The gym is still packed with new gym go-ers, but it hasn’t been bad. I don’t mind the crowds or new people because I was new once too! It just irks me when people don’t follow the rules or let kids run amok! Like that sign on the treadmill telling you to wipe down the machine… don’t act like you didn’t see it!

Anyway, my week looked pretty good. I’ve officially started on my marathon training plan (I’m just using a simple Hal Higdon plan because I will be doing a lot of cross training for triathlon as well). In the past, I’ve tended to skip a lot of the shorter runs and focus on the weekly long run, but this time around I’m working towards higher overall mileage which I’m hoping will make me a stronger runner overall.


16 miles isn’t high for me yet, but this is just week 1 (though I started the plan on week 3 since I’m only 15 weeks out from the Garmin Marathon) :)


This weekend calls for 11 miles, but I’ll be skipping that in favor of flying 13.1 miles!


Paul and I are headed to Anaheim this weekend for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend :) I know it is a girly race, but we had so much fun at the 2013 Disney Marathon that I was able to talk Paul into taking me back! We are skipping the 10k and just doing the half on Sunday, but I’ve never been to DisneyLand. I’m ecstatic to check out California Adventure, the World of Color show and seeing the ocean!!!

The rest of my goals for this week (1/13 – 1/19) are:

Monday: 1 hour bike trainer

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: 6 mile run

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: REST (but possibly walking the bike trail at Huntington Beach)

Saturday: 6 mile run (This is what the plan calls for, but I will have to see how this fits into our vacation plans. We will be doing a TON of walking at the park!)

Sunday: Tinker Bell Half Marathon!

Have you ever done a Run Disney race? We had such a blast at the Goofy Challenge in 2013 that Tinkerbell might not be our only return to Disney in 2014 :) :)