Brr!! Weekly Workout Recap

Alright, so I didn’t exactly stick to my plan last week. I had a great 4 mile run on Monday, but then I didn’t make it back to the gym until Sunday when I did my ‘long’ run of 6 miles. I was supposed to run 7, but I knew I had a driveway of snow waiting for me at home to shovel once I got back, so I cut my run a bit short.


On Monday, however, I turned things around and finally got in my first bike ride post-IM. The weather outside was -8, so of course this took place on the trainer with a Spinervals DVD. The hour workout felt awesome and I’m kicking myself for not getting back on the bike sooner.


As for the pool, I still haven’t swam more than about 1,000 yards since November, but with the freezing weather lately.. I’m okay taking it slow getting back into it.

As far as the rest of my New Year’s Resolutions, being vegetarian is going well! We did have a slip-up on Saturday where my Panera salad had bacon on it, but I was able to pick it off. Rookie mistake for not asking. I just looked at the menu picture and it looked vegetarian. I won’t make that mistake again! It was still delicious though!


The past week may or may not have also included frozen yogurt despite the frigid temperatures!:


Anyway: here are my goals for this week (1/6 – 1/12):

Monday: 1 hour bike trainer

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 5 miles; 1 hour bike trainer

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: 1 hour bike trainer

Saturday: 5 mile run

Sunday: 6 mile run

Hope everyone is staying warm out there! Or staying cool if you are running the Disney Marathon this weekend! I wish I could be there and am very jealous of anyone doing Dopey! 😀


Having way too much fun during Disney last year :)