New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year!!

My New Year’s Day may have started off a little slow after a late night of catching up with friends, but it was so worth it! I’ll admit I am kind of glad the holidays are over now so I can get back into a routine.


Letting off a Thai lantern at midnight!

So even though it is Friday, tonight we just spent the night in and I got a chance to take our new tart pan for a spin with a homemade Veggie Frittata. This was a wedding gift that I was super excited to use and dinner could not have been easier. I just cut up some mushrooms, and then added a half of a bag of frozen Santa Fe style veggies (defrosted first in the microwave), 2 crumbled up Morningstar Farms Asian Veggie Patties and 10 eggs.


It cooked for a little longer than I thought it needed (350 degrees for 40 minutes)… but prep time was only about 5 minutes. #winning

Even better is that dinner was right on track with our New Year’s Resolution of being vegetarian for 2014! Now, if you know us at all, you might be pretty surprised to hear this… but when we think about our most unhealthy meals, they usually involve fast food… so this is our way of being more aware of what we are putting into our mouths and (hopefully) choosing veggies over other foods. We will still eat meat when we are vacation, so you may see some pop up every now and again, but when at home.. we are sticking to it!


Sauteing some veggies for a panini

As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE making goals and trying to push myself. I tend to flounder, especially when it comes to working out, when I don’t have a finish line (literal or figurative) in my mind. Here are the rest of my New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Eat vegetarian (except when travelling.. and even then within reason).

2. Read 52 books (Fiction and Non-Fiction.. the best way to learn new things!)

3. Make a Kansas City Bucket List and cross off 25% of it! (I’ve been here 5 years and still haven’t seen some of the best parts!)

4. Run 1,000 miles (3rd times the charm?)

5. Run a sub-4:00 marathon (Aiming for this at the Garmin Marathon in April)

Paul and I at the Garmin Marathon in 2013

Paul and I at the Garmin Marathon in 2013

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Another goal of mine is to keep blogging!  And to take more pictures to post here :)