Let it Snow!!! & Christmas Lights 5k


It isn’t exactly a winter wonderland outside, yet, but for once I am actually looking forward to it. My parents live in Illinois and this will be my first Christmas not going home. At first, I was pretty upset about it.. but now that I know I can’t change the plans, I’m starting to get excited about spending the holidays with just my husband. Our first married Christmas :)


So, now that the forecast is dismal and I’m not doomed to another holiday of infinite delays and a cramped chair at the airport, I can get a excited about a little snow (My most sincere apologies if you are stuck at an airport.. I’ve been there)! I went to the store this morning and stocked up on ingredients to make cookies and Christmas treats and I’m excited to bust out all of the seasonal brews we have been stocking up on. I may or may not have also purchased Mickey’s Christmas Carol which is definitely my favorite throwback holiday movie. Bring on the holidays!!!


To get a head start on the Christmas spirit, last weekend we participated in the Christmas Lights 5k. It was the first year for this.. and while that showed.. it was still a great time and I’m hoping an annual tradition. The idea was simple: runners dress up in their holiday gear and run through a neighborhood at night. The neighbors decorate their houses and at the end, the runner’s vote on which house was the best decorated! What a great idea! We slacked a bit on our costumes and simply wore the hats to our penguins costumes which we created for the KC Zoo run this year.


Nike pullover.. nice swag for a race :)

I had a pretty good time on the run. I was SORE from our trail run that morning, so I skipped wearing a watch (I figured it would be too dark to see anyway) and just went by how I felt. While the concept of the race was great, only 4 houses participated in the contest. There were some other houses with lights and such, but I expected a lot more. However, we did have fun dancing to keep warm at the start of the race and listening to the Christmas tunes and seeing everyone else’s costumes. I finished in 28:41 which was still a great run and even better considering how sore and cold I was, not to mention the road conditions were wet and a tad icy in spots.

Paul (who I don’t need to remind you) is much faster than I and was with the lead pack of runners for the race. Unfortunately, they didn’t have many volunteers for the race and the lead pack of runners ended up making a wrong turn, getting onto a street that wasn’t closed off and then ended up with only a 2.85-ish mile run. He was technically DQ-ed, but the race results were posted anyway. About 20 – 30 runners were in the same “pack” as he was, so he wasn’t the only rogue runner.


Cute Finisher “Medal”

So even with the snafus, I think I would sign up again next year and hope more houses participate. Even though the community didn’t get really in the race, the local businesses certainly did! Multiple restaurants near the starting area offered discounts and we ended up Cinder Block Brewery, which might be my new favorite local brewery. We really enjoyed their in-house brews and ciders and it is nice to see new stuff on the North end of town. Plus I’ll never turn down post-run beverages!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Safe travels if you are headed somewhere for the holidays :)