My First Post!!

Welcome to Redefining Athlete!


I’m Courtney! A late 20-something living in Kansas City who has suddenly found herself married, working and -most surprisingly- running. A former non-athlete (EVER) I found my passion in 2009 and now call myself two other things I never thought I’d have on my resume: marathoner and Ironman.

Anyway, why Redefining Athlete? Well, I’ve never felt like an athlete. I find it weird to call myself even a runner or a biker/cyclist and athlete feels like a word reserved for Michael Jordan or Shalane Flanagan. So.. I’m here to redefine the word for myself. This is a place to document my workouts, share recipes, brag about my cats and post about my races.

And since you will hear a lot about them.. my other cast of characters include:


Paul: The Husband and my ultimate inspiration.. I started running before him, but as you will see in a reoccurring theme, he tends to pick up my hobbies only to get better at them than me. Way better. I lost 20 pounds once I started running… he lost 160!


Kitty Won Kenobi (1): A fuzzy character who also could benefit from losing 160 pounds.


Kitty Too (2): An even fuzzier psychopath who perhaps I could feed more to slow her down?

With my first post, I thought I’d share what my goals are for this blog. I want a way to document my life and my training in order to share it with friends and family and keep myself accountable. I won’t be blogging every day (at least at first), but want to concentrate on 3 main topics:

  1. My weekly workouts and fitness goals – what I’m doing each week and how they come together to contribute to my bigger goals
  2. What I’m eating – I won’t document everything, but I want to share my more exciting meals.
  3. Race Recaps, Date Nights and Cat pictures (of course) – I won’t bore you with all of the details, but life is more than just a daily sweat J

Thanks for reading! Come back soon!!