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A Year in Review

I absolutely love New Years. It is technically just another day, but there is nothing like the idea of a fresh slate. I love setting goals and thinking about all of the potential that the next year holds.

Even though I didn’t blog at the beginning of 2012, I still had set some goals so I thought I’d share those and how I did!

2013 Goals:


– Get Married: Check! And it was hands-down the best day of my life!

– Read 52 books: Fail! I only read 20 books this year… and only 1 from May – November. Who knew wedding planning and Ironman training would take up so much time? 😉 My favorites: 11/22/63, Divergent/Insurgent, and Sharp Objects


– Join LinkedIn: Fail! I never joined, but I am starting a new job next week (within the same company), so good things happened in 2013.

– Max out 2012 and 2013 Roth IRA Fail!: I ended up choosing different routes for investing and concentrating on my 401(k).


– Finish a sub 7 hour HIM: Check! I finally conquered running long after the bike and ‘ripped’ out a 2:16 half marathon for a 6:52:40 finish. My other previous HIM run times were 2:53:53 and 02:53:57

– Run a 4:20 marathon: Fail! I only ran 2 marathons in 2013 (besides IM Arizona), but Disney was too much fun to PR and I hit the wall hard at Flying Pig. I hurt just remembering it.

– New 5k PR: Check! I blew my PR of 26:00 out of the water with a 23:50 at the Garmin Marathon 5k in April.

– Complete an IRONMAN Check! The 3rd best day of my life! Recap coming soon.. I swear!

– Run 1,000 miles: Fail! I’ve been chasing this goal for 3 years now. I still wouldn’t have made it, but my count is worse since from about July – mid September, I didn’t keep track of my workouts. Major fail. I still clocked in at 640 miles.

Yikes. 4 out of 9 isn’t very good.. but considering 2013 was hands down the best year of my life, I’m willing to let it slide.

Some highlights from the year include!:

January – Running the Goofy Challenge at Disney!


April – Paul qualifying for Boston with a 3:03:16 run at the Garmin Marathon


August – Getting Married!

View More:

August – Honeymoon in Key West!


November – Becoming an Ironman!

me an ironman 4

November – Vacation Roadtrip from Arizona to Kansas City!


I wish you the best New Year’s Eve and a very Happy New Year!!!!! Stay safe!!

Back At It!

Merry Christmas!!


I know I’m a few days late, but I can’t tell you enough how great a break has felt! I went for a 3 mile run on Thursday, but that was the only time I’ve been to the gym since the trail run and Christmas 5k on December 14th. Sure, there were plenty of times I wanted to stretch my legs out, but frankly after a long year of training for races back to back to back, it was nice to just be lazy and enjoy the downtime. However, I’m definitely ready to be back at it now. My training goals for the week include:

Monday- 4 mile run. Ease back into things… on the treadmill of course. Forecast is way too cold for me to be outside.

Tuesday- Off. We are having friends coming from Iowa, Seattle and Oklahoma to celebrate with us, so I’m spending every second possible with them!

Wednesday- Off. I’d love to get a New Year’s run in to kick the year off right, but let’s be honest. I might be a little.. uh, tired today. I’ll plan a rest day and see how it goes.

Thursday- Masters Swim. First time back since Ironman in November!

Friday- 4 mile run

Saturday- Master Swim followed by 7 miles. I ran 10 miles during the trail run on the 14th, so this should be a reasonable goal despite my time off. I have a half in January that I need to make sure I’m ready for!

Sunday- 1 hour spin on the bike. My first ride post IM. Probably a Spinervals DVD. Gotta love Coach Troy!

I’ll be starting back up slowly as you can see, but plan to ramp up again over the next couple of weeks. I have half marathons planned in January and February, and then my big goal for the year currently is to run a PR at the Garmin Marathon in April. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to focus on running, so I’m excited to get my plan laid out and get to work J I don’t have any triathlons on schedule yet, but hope to find a half iron distance (or two) that fit my schedule.