2015 Goals (February Recap!)

In attempt to actually keep up with my goals this year, I’m recapping my progress each month. This month can be best summed as: I NEED TO RUN MORE.

1. LOG EVERY WORKOUT. Yep! So far so good! The past couple weeks have been great for me in terms of workouts, and I’m excited for my Ironman March plan to keep me on track!

2. Run 1,000 miles. YIKES. This is not going well. Especially since I have a marathon in a little more than a month… but I haven’t blown it yet! I’m confident 2015 is the year I finally hit this!

3. Race a 13 hour Ironman (13:59:59 counts). I’m pretty psyched about how strong I’m going to be after training for Dirty Kanza. After 200 miles of gravel, I’m planning to CRUSH 112 miles on the road.

4. Try my hardest at Dirty Kanza and not go down without a fight. So far, so good. I think this weekend will also be my first ride outside in a long time. And DK Training Camp is at the end of this month! (And that exclamation is of terror, not excitement…) (Okay, maybe a LITTLE excitement). I’m also pumped because my VanderKitten team kit should be here SO SOON. Hoping it gets here before camp!

vk kit

Paul also pointed out this great series of gravel races that aren’t TOO far from us. We’re adding a couple of these to the schedule, as well as The Hairy 100 (I think). It’s been tough to nail down any races we want to do for sure since we don’t trust the weather to be anything, but crummy.

gravel series

5. Visit 5 new states.

1. Oregon – CHECK
2. Utah – July

I was PUMPED that we planned a trip to Dallas for my birthday, then I realized that my goal is STATES, not just cities and I’ve been to Texas. If this comes down to the wire, I may or may not count it :-P

I’m most excited for The Sixth Floor Museum, which I’ve wanted to visit every since reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King. The museum chronicles the life and legacy of JFK. It is located at the very spot from which Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.


Well, okay. I’m mainly counting down the days for this:


Scallop and dragonfruit pico tacos.. and other creations at The Velvet Taco. I’ve been drooling over Yelp for a few days now brainstorming where to go. I have some time though.. my birthday isn’t until July.

6. 300 days of no eating out. We did awesome in February. The only 2 days we ate out were Valentine’s Day (Taco Bell… worth. it.) and then a random Wednesday when a co-worker was leaving and I had a going away lunch and happy hour. We also then ordered in Chinese food since the day was ‘ruined’ anyway :)

unnamed (2)

This month is going to be a bit tougher. We have tickets to the Big 12 Basketball Tournament which is a series of 5 sessions and 10 games over 4 days. 10 games of basketball? WITH NO NACHOS? I’m not sure it is possible. We might have to get creative. We also have our Dirty Kanza Training Camp at the end of the month. Now, some of our meals are included in that camp, so we aren’t going to count those as ‘eating out’. We also don’t count free continental breakfast at hotels eating out.. so depending, we might be able to swing it. We will also be riding 200 miles in 3 days.. SO eating out might be a needed reward at that point too.

However, as long as we stick to 4 days or less of eating out this month, we will be back on track for 300 days!! We are just hoping to bank some days this month to make up for our travel plans in April.

7. Choose Adventure. My favorite goal!, but I’m kinda straining myself to think of what we did this month to reach this. We did book the trip to Dallas which is fun (so we chose a future adventure, does that count?)! And bought some concert tickets for June… ah. I also did step out of my comfort zone to try BodyPump and Cycle at my gym.. and I really liked both!

Okay, this month was clearly a bit more low-key, but balance was heartily needed. Now onto March! We have a busy month ahead of us!

8. Read 52 books this year. Eek. No progress this month. I was also temporarily banned from the library because a book we returned was stolen out of the book drop. When you owe over $10, they ban your access (good to know). Good thing I dragged my feet on figuring out how to solve this one, because whoever stole it finally returned it (6 weeks later). Karma will find you, you book thief!!

How are your goals coming along this year? 

What are the best tacos you have ever had? I loved the tacos we had in Hawaii on the North Shore, but I think my absolute favorite are from Lilly’s Tacos in Santa Barbara.



I realize that picture isn’t all THAT appetizing since it was prior to the DIY salsa and toppings station.. but that just means you might not go and then there are more tacos for me in the world.

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disney fortune

My Week in Pictures (2/23)

Hi Friends! Happy March!

^^Loving my Disney Fortune!

This past week went fairly well. I didn’t quite meet up to the goals I set, but I made some progress, so it isn’t all bad!

Well, it started off a little bad. I had a mini-mental lapse on the bike trainer today. I’m so over the cold and snow. I’m so tired of logging my miles in the basement. I started to get really worked up because I felt like there was no point in pedaling to nowhere… but as I kept going (reluctantly) I realized I felt stronger. A lot stronger than I have been. I need to do a new FTP test stat because I think I’m finally ready to bump it up and maybe my workouts are feeling more and more pointless because they aren’t pushing me enough! OR I really suck, but time will tell on that one…

Knock on wood, but things are looking brighter (aka WARMER) next weekend. I think I’ll finally be able to get outside and hit some gravel in Topeka on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

The rest of the week was much better: BodyPump (twice!) and I actually made it to a Spin Class.


My goals for this week were:

1. Go to BodyPump once Check! I went twice actually. I really like BodyPump… despite being so bad at it. I have ZERO upper body strength.. which is why I neEEd to keep going!
2. Ride my bike 3 times during the week. Nope. I did go to spin on Tuesday, but I had mixed feelings about it. Overall, I think the priority goes:

Riding my own bike > Riding the spin bike > Riding NO bike


I did feel awkward on the spin bike. I might go again this week just because I’m LOSING IT riding my bike trainer in the basement so much, but ultimately I don’t know if it really helps my cycling.
3. Finish the book I’m reading: Speaking From Among the Bones Nope. Didn’t touch it.

This week, I’m trying something a little new. A few weeks ago I had the ‘brilliant’ idea of taking the Ironman March challenge the gym at my work is having and putting a twist on it.


Distance Tracking from last year’s challenge

Ironman March is typically a goal to complete the mileage of an Ironman, but spread out over the course of the month: 1.2 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and 26.2 miles of running.

Well, now despite my dream of never having to swim ever again (until Dirty Kanza is over), I’m going to attempt completing the Ironman distance each week of March. So that means I need to figure out where the heck my swimsuit is (I think somewhere in the garage).

So… Goals for this week:

1. 1.2 miles of swimming.

2. 112 miles of bikey (when I ride inside, I equate 1 hour of biking to 15 miles).

3. 26.2 miles of running. I have a marathon in about a month, this should be easy, right? :-\

4. BodyPump 3 times. Yup. I’m getting lofty, so why not?


On the non-fitness side, it was a solid week.

I ate a lot of ramen with drippy eggs and veggies on top.


The ramen is pink because I’m loving Himalayan Salt. I don’t really know the difference, but it definitely adds more flavor than regular salt.


(We buy it at the farmer’s market which is why it comes in a shady little baggy like that).

Paul finished our taxes (YAY!) AND he made me guacamole:


And most exciting of all is that I had to spring for Hulu Plus because I’m finally on season 6 of Parenthood. Wahoo! I can’t believe I’m almost done, yikes!

But it will be just in time for ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ this Friday!


The trailer looks HILARIOUS: “Dancing is about butts now!”

“I wish I was your yellow hat!”

Do I love TV too much? Yes.

What are you binge watching right now? I just assume everyone has Netflix addictions too…

Have a great week!
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